Our methodology for determining centers of excellence


Criteria for Judging

Criteria for judging the award relate to independent assessments of quality of research and quality of care delivery and quality of product delivery. Interviews are conducted with distributors and users as well as experts in the field.

Research Methodology

WinterGreen Research authors use a structured, consistent, and detailed research approach. The methodology supports an analytical approach to market research. In depth comparisons are made of many aspects of the market. Data relating to Industry segments is developed to permit presentation of forecasts and market share positioned to have substantive value.

Research involves talking to customers, vendors, and distributors, doing trend analysis and attending local and national meetings, conducting interviews while there.

Full spectrum research and information services, including market reports, customized research, and customer interviewing are available, reports and research are positioned to provide strategic value to industry participants, strategic planners, and product managers.

New systems combine sales tools and independent industry analysis, seeking to leverage the expertise of the sales force and combine it with the skepticism of the analysts to provide accurate return on investment analysis.

Interviews are conducted to contributes to development of triangulation regarding market forecasts for the sector. The promise of affordable robots for automation is increasing industrial opportunities. Widespread adoption faces the long-standing obstacle of purchase price. Now that this price is rapidly lessening, the benefits of robots are becoming more widely recognized.

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