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MGH / Partners

Cardiac resynchronization therapy is associated with:

- Improved quality of life

- Increased exercise capacity

- Reduction in hospitalization for heart failure

- Reduction in mortality rates

- Cardiac resynchronization therapy has gained widespread acceptance as a safe, effective therapy for qualifying patients with advanced heart failure.

Where to go for treatment
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Massachusetts General Hospital MGH, part of Partners Healthcare provides premier cardiac treatment and research.   Treatment for hypertension is a highly specialized, effective medical service at MGH.   MGH hypertension treatment emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to blood pressure control Likewise, cardiac resynchronization therapy, sometimes with defibrillator therapy is an innovative therapeutic option at MGH.   Patients with heart failure who experience an abnormality in the pumping of the heartís ventricles can be helped with special treatment to synchronize the pumping.   Cardiac resynchronization therapy involves the placement of an implantable biventricular pacing device with three leads (right atrial, right ventricular and left ventricular) that synchronize ventricular contractions.   This greatly improves the pumping efficiency of the heart.   Clinical care of patients with cardiomyopathy and heart failure and management of patients who have or need a heart transplantation is way above the norm, very superior at MGH.

Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic is a leading cardiology center.Cardiology patients have access to specialized heart care and long-term management of their conditions.   The latest innovations in cardiac care and clinical therapies are provided.   State-of-the-art tests and procedures create accurate diagnoses and create a treatment plan.Angina, artery problems, valvular heart disease, and heart failure are specialties.Rare forms of heart disease are treated.   Lifestyle modification recommendations, medications and procedures leverage a team of super cardiovascular surgeons.
Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education.   Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is ranked nationally in 15 adult and 10 pediatric specialties.   It is a high-performing, high quality care delivery organization, probably the best care delivery in the world, certainly among the top three.   Mayo Clinic surgeons perform more than 4,000 cardiac surgeries each year, including numerous complex surgical procedures.   The public perception of Mayo universally is that of a very prestigious organization.   The research organization is tremendous.

New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell
New York-Presbyterian Hospital provides world-renowned cardiovascular care.   It successfully treats some of the highest risk cases in the world.   Patients who cannot be helped elsewhere come to Presbyterian to receives the advanced, comprehensive care.   As a major academic medical center, physicians are leading and participating in multicenter clinical trials which have been improving treatment for heart disease.   NYP physicians lead major studies supporting the effectiveness of a catheter-based approach to aortic valve stenosis.   Presbyterian Hospital heart disease treatment is delivered from dedicated heart centers:


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